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Find a Dentist Near You

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Main Dentist Selection and Referral Process

MCNA has a large network of general and specialty dentists throughout Texas. They can look after all of your family’s dental needs. Our general dentists and pediatric specialists can serve as your child’s Main Dental Home Provider (known as “Main Dentist“). A Federally Qualified Health Center or Rural Health Clinic can also serve as a Main Dentist.

You can choose a Main Dentist from MCNA’s online Provider Directory. If you would like help choosing a Main Dentist or changing to a new Main Dentist, call our Member Hotline at 1-855-691-6262.

If you need specialty care, your Main Dentist will refer you to a dental specialist in MCNA’s network.

Online Provider Directory

The online Provider Directory is always current. You can search for a dentist by name, gender, location, language, and more. To search our online Provider Directory to find a dentist from our network, click below.

Locate a Medicaid Provider
Locate a CHIP Provider

Please call our Member Hotline at 1-855-691-6262 if you need help to find a dentist. We can also help you schedule an appointment for dental care.

Printable PDF Provider Directories

You can also download a Printable Provider Directory for your region.